Together We're Better


Kids don't become fully devoted followers of Christ by accident. We’ve got to lead our kids on purpose. (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)  Rather than baptize baby and children, we encourage parents to dedicate their young ones, formally commit to raising their children to know Jesus, love His Word, serve others, and share the gospel.
During the dedication portion of the service, you'll be invited to bring your child, and any family and friends who will be partnering with you, to stand in front of the congregation where we'll pray over you, your children, and their future.  

Baby Dedications will be part of our 10:30am 5th Sunday service! 5th Sundays are pretty much what they sound's the fifth Sunday of any month with five Sundays. Please preregister your child by the Wednesday before 5th Sunday so we can have their dedication certificate and your parent covenant ready. We're honored to share this special moment with your family!
This type of dedication is a covenant agreement between you (the parents) and God to demonstrate God-life as you raise your child in the ways of the Lord. It’s an act of worship, thanksgiving, dependence, trust, and commitment, giving back to God the gift He has given to you.

The best part is that you're not the only one entering into this covenant with God. We, your Garden church family, are also agreeing to support you with prayer and encouragement as you raise up this next generation of world changers!
*While June 30 is the fifth Sunday of the month, our usual 5th Sunday elements have been rescheduled. Be here for Family Freedom Night at 6:30pm Wednesday, July 3, for worship, baptisms, and hot dogs, all on the patio! Our next baby dedication opportunity will be 5th Sunday, September 29.*  Please register by Wednesday, September 25, to dedicate your little one in our 5th Sunday, September 29, service.


Take the next step in your walk with God by getting water baptized!  
Water baptism is a public display of our personal decision to be made fresh and new by joining our life to Christ. We'd love to celebrate with you!

Jesus commands it and it delights the heart of our Father. And if Jesus knew He had to be baptized, we should be, too! (Matthew 3:13-17, Matthew 28:19)  

Baptisms take place at our 10:30am 5th Sunday service,  the last Sunday of a month that has 5 Sundays*. We'll announce them a few weeks ahead of time and sign-ups aren't required. When the service comes around, arrive 15 minutes early to check in, fill out your Baptism Info Card, get additional details, and change into your baptism clothes, if necessary.

*We're changing things up for June's 5th Sunday service and baptisms will be held Wednesday night, July 3, during our Family Freedom Night on the patio!
  • We'll have black shorts, and a free Fresh & New shirt for you to have! Extra towels will also be on hand.
  • If you'd like to come dressed for baptisms: 
    • Ladies, wear a dark, thicker t-shirt and leggings or longer shorts. You may also want to wear a modest swimsuit under your clothes.
    • Men, wear a dark, thicker t-shirt pants or longer shorts.  You may also wear modest swim trunks or board shorts with your shirt.
  • Bring a change of dry clothes and a towel. We'll have bags available for your wet clothes.
  • Sandals are a great option and save time. (Nobody wants to walk around in soggy socks!)
Questions?  Stop by our Info Center during a service or email or call the office at 509-735-1650.  We're here to help!