Together We're Better

One Day is SUNDAY, December 3, 2023

1. BEGIN: If you aren't currently tithing, we encourage you to join those who honor this commandment and consistently support all God is doing through The Garden. One Day is the perfect time to BEGIN tithing.

2. OFFER A ONE-TIME GIFT: Ask God what you should give, then simply obey. Some bring an offering that’s equal to their current daily wage or the daily wage they're believing for in the coming year.

3. PLEDGE: Is the full amount you want to give not feasible on One Day? Make a "No-Strings-Attached” pledge! Indicate your target amount and, over the next 90-days, begin working toward your goal. We'll NEVER hound you about your pledge, but we WILL be hounding heaven with prayers of agreement with you!

Ask God how He would have you participate then purpose in your heart to obey. The human mind cannot comprehend God's response to one single act of obedience!

Please write "one day" on memo line of checks or an offering envelope if giving cash. Choosing options 2 or 3 and giving online? After submitting your One Day Decision (gray button, below) hit the green button to give your One Day offering online right now or select ONE DAY as the Giving Type when using our app,  this Give page, or the PushPay app.

Are you participating in one day with us?
Please complete this digital decision card so we can be praying with you!  

(Entering the amount for a one-time gift or pledge helps us match unmarked gifts and celebrate with you when pledges are fulfilled. We won't contact you about the amount entered. It's for prayer and confirming contribution benefits only.)


In 2007, the families of The Garden began setting aside one day’s wage, above and beyond the tithe, as a special offering to bless others.

Since then, almost $400,000 has been received during our One Day offerings, enabling The Garden to partner with community outreach and feeding programs, disaster relief organizations, human trafficking rescue agencies, global evangelism ministries and SO MUCH MORE. Millions of lives - locally and around the world - have been impacted through our generosity!

Among other things, we've been able to:
  • Sponsor translating the Bible into the Kurdish language through One Hope
  • Provide food and medical supplies to communities hit with natural disasters, both nationally and globally
  • Purchase over 2 million meals for children and adults in over 7 countries
  • Fund free healthcare clinics in India, Southeast Asia, and the Americas
  • Distribute water filtration systems for villages in Nepal, Africa, and Asia
  • Build Bible schools to train pastors and plant new churches
  • Purchase more than a dozen girls out of the sex trade in Nepal and India
  • Fund outreaches that led to over 1,000 healing miracles and more than 100,000 salvations.
  • Sowed into other local churches and ministries to help reach the lost.
  • Start our area’s first Bite 2 Go program, assisting children with weekend meals at Vista Elementary since 2014.
  • Partner with 2nd Harvest for a mobile food bank, here at the Garden, held monthly for over three years.