Together We're Better


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Bottom Line:
You can TALK with others about what you believe.

Bible Story:
Peter Says that Jesus is the Messiah
(Matthew 16:13-20)

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Focus Welcome Wednesday

Start here! Rachel and Sandie welcome you to grab your Summer Fun Gear and get ready to FOCUS! (It's ok if you don't have our FOCUS swag - just show up ready to have fun.)

Focus Bible Story Wednesday

Teacher Lynette is excited to share today's bible story with YOU! If you have a bible - have it with you.

Focus Games WEdnesday

Teacher Beth is ready to play some FOCUS games with you. If you have a safe place to play outside - that is best - but check with whoever is taking care of you before you go outside. Stay Safe inside too!

Focus Crafts Wednesday

Teacher Berta has a really fun craft for you today! If you don't have the Summer Fun Gear - you can try to make this on your own with things you have at home already. Ask a grown up to help you.

Focus "happy dance" - by MERCY ME

We love to FOCUS our day on what we can control and being HAPPY is one thing we can always CHOOSE to BE. Dance it out with us to our honorary SUMMER BLAST theme song. We do not own any rights to this song - but we do really like to dance to it!

Focus MISSION WEdnesday

The FOCUS team has some really fun things to show you - This is a perfect time to gather your snacks and watch this video.

You Know More DANCE moves

Never give Up On me DANCE moves

You know more Music Video

Never Give Up on me Music Video

Focus CLosing Wednesday

Rachel and Sandie wrap up today's SUMMER BLAST with some FUN! Remember you can re-watch these videos anytime - Don't forget to get your happy going with the Happy Dance!