Through our One Day offerings, we’ve been partnering with 2nd Harvest for mobile food banks here at the Garden and the Tri-Cities’ first Bite 2 Go program, assisting over 70 children with weekend meals at Vista Elementary. Learn more about this partnership in 2nd Harvest’s Summer Newsletter 2016.

Get in on blessing your community all year long!

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Beginning in February 2015, the Garden partnered with Second Harvest Inland Northwest to support a weekend feeding program at Vista Elementary! The name of this program is called “Bite 2 Go” and each Friday during the school year, participating students receive a pre-packaged bag of food to take home. (Changes to the school schedule may require Thursday deliveries and our Bite 2 Go team will be notified.)  Through your generosity, over 50 children are fed each weekend of the school year!

The shelf-stable milk, juice, cereal, entrees and snacks are safe for children to handle on their own because they don’t require any cooking or other preparation.  Each kit includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

2-Fruit Items
2-Self-Stable Milks
2-Cereal Bars
4-Snack Items
*Items may vary depending on availability.

Click here to watch a short video on the Bite 2 Go pilot program out of Spokane.

In addition to the Garden’s ongoing partnership through Second Harvest, we also reach out to the staff of Vista Elementary and support them in various ways throughout the year, by dropping off treats, holding a pancake breakfast, helping with grounds work project, and more.

E-mail Pastor Cheryl Staley at or fill out a Connection Card here, or the next time you’re at the Garden, and write “school” on it, and we’ll be in touch!


We’re excited to partner with 2nd Harvest to feed families from community by hosting a monthly Mobile Food Market (MFM) right here at The Garden!

Our MMB is the last Wednesday of each month and dates are listed on our event calendar. Food distribution is from 11am to 1pm, while supplies last. If possible, bring a box or bags to take food home with you.

Families receiving food at a Garden-sponsored Mobile Food Bank:


1,926 families fed!


3,130 families fed!


3,542 families fed!


January = 320 families
February =  262

2nd Harvest provides the food and WE provide the 15-20 team members to make it happen.  This is a perfect way to get your hands on something GREAT and continue to make a difference!  Set-up starts at 10am and clean-up is done by 2pm. During the summer months (June – August) set-up starts at 9am and we’re cleaned up by 1pm.

Serve one month or every month! E-mail, or fill out a Connection Card here, or the next time you’re at the Garden, and check, “Second Harvest Partnership Outreaches”, and we’ll hook you up with the team lead.  First time serving with us? Please read our FAQ’s: GCA Mobile Food Bank serving FAQ.