Point Man Breakfast

** Men’s Breakfast will be at 6:45am at the Kennewick IHOP on Canal Thanksgiving morning! **

Every Thursday morning at 6:45am, all men are welcome to join us for breakfast at Magill’s in Pasco on the corner of Rd 68 and Argent!  (It’s buy-your-own-breakfast)


annual motorcycle bike ride outreach event


Rides leave from the Garden, kickstands up at 9am and back by 3:30pm, unless otherwise noted. Please be here 15 minutes early as we will leave on time. *Additional details on some rides will be posted as the date approaches. Check back for details and follow our Facebook page for updates.

Bike Nights are here at the Garden with free hot dogs, campfire, music, and ice cream! Join us on the back patio at 7pm and bring your families. All bikes are welcome!

Questions? Contact Ron VanDinter or Neal Miller

Friday, April 12: Bike Night
Saturday, May 4: Bless the Bikes • Kickstands up at Noon for ride to Lyons Ferry, then back to the Garden for Bike Blessing on the back patio
Friday, May 10: Bike Night
Monday, May 27: Memorial Day Steak Run (Roosevelt)
Friday, June 14: Bike Night
Saturday, June 29: Mirror Ministries Benefit Ride. Donations for this local anti-trafficking organization are appreciated.*
Saturday, July 27: Ride*
Monday, September 2: Labor Day Ride & BBQ (last ride of the season!) Kick-stands up at 9am from the Garden.
Friday, September 13: Bike Night
Friday, October 4: Bike Night

Band Of Brothers - Becoming better men


The Band of Brothers is like church,

except it’s only for men.

The Band of Brothers is like a comedy club,

except it’s sometimes serious.

The Band of Brothers is like a seminar,

except there’s no air travel expense and you don’t have to wear a nametag.

The Band of Brothers is like going to a football game,

except it’s inside a church building and no one needs helmets.

The Band of Brothers is a place where...

men can be encouraged to be… MEN.

The Band of Brothers is a place where...

men will be inspired to be Spiritual Leaders.

The Band of Brothers is a place where...

we can learn how to be better husbands, fathers and friends.

The Band of Brothers is...

serious about our relationship with God, and a place where we can laugh at our own feeble attempts to serve Him.

The Band of Brothers is a place where...

men who are hurting can come to find help.

The Band of Brothers is a...

“no-games” approach to the issues men face.

The Band of Brothers is a place where...

we discuss real issues with no reservation.

The Band of Brothers is for...

men who love to laugh.