Water Baptisms 2018


October 3 @ 7pm: It’s our favorite service of the month! (Well, they’re really ALL our favorites but First Wednesdays are at the top of the list!) Be here for a life-changing time in God’s presence as we celebrate everyone who’s getting baptized. Bring someone with you!

Bring dark clothes (longer shorts and t-shirts are fine and a towel and bring a change of dry clothes.) And not to worry. We’ll have towels, shirts, and shorts available if you forget!

Be ready (in the clothes you’ll be getting baptized in) when service starts. During the service, we’ll call everyone up and that’s your cue!

You don’t have to sign up ahead of time to be baptized, but if you think about it in the week leading up to this service, just check that box on a Connection Card and give us your info so we can touch base with you.

Before service starts, swing by the Info Center and pick up baptism registration card so we know who’s getting wet!  There will be someone handy to take that card before you get in the tank. Either way, we’ll get your information either before or after you get baptized.

Still have questions? Call the church office during the work week at 509-735-1650 or e-mail info@thegardentricities and we’ll be in touch. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!