Here at the Garden, we understand that God’s plan to touch the lost isn’t to simply have people come to church to find Him, although it’s nice when that happens!  We strive to follow His strategy for us to demonstrate grace, love, and care…to “be Jesus” to others.

Barefoot Weekend

Father’s Day Weekend | June 16-17

*If you missed the event, you can still bring your donation of shoes by the church!




Most of us don’t think twice about grabbing a pair of shoes and sticking them on our feet.  If anything, we have to play “footwear Jenga” to fit them all in our closet! Yet, there are kids and adults right here in Tri-Cities who do not have a single pair of shoes, at least not a pair that fit. Working with local outreach and service organizations, we help change that!

Over the past 6 years, we’ve brought in over 5,800 pairs of shoes for Barefoot Weekend!  What gender, size, and type of shoes are needed?  Any and all!  New or gently used baby shoes, work boots, loafers, pumps, kid’s shoes, tennis shoes…bring them! Whatever the case, remember that God gives GOOD things and so do we.  Others deserve our best, not our worst, so let’s bless them with no (shoe) strings attached…just like God’s love!

Dare to go bare!

In-kind contributions (such as shoes) are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law under The Garden’s tax-exempt status under IRS section 501(c)3. Our tax ID number is 20-1778277. When you donate shoes, please retain this info for tax purposes and thanks for blessing those right here in our community!

one day distressed cropped “ONE DAY” WEEKEND

No Date Set – Check Back Soon

On our annual One Day Weekend, we give a special offering of one day’s wage, above and beyond the regular tithe, to touch others with the love of Christ. Over the last 9 years, over $240,000 has been received during One Day Weekend. 100% of your One Day offerings are used to:

  • Provide food and medical supplies to communities hit with natural disasters here in the U.S. and around the world
  • Purchase over 2 million meals for children and adults in over 7 countries
  • Fund free healthcare clinics in India, Southeast Asia, and the Americas
  • Distribute water filtration systems for villages in Nepal, Africa, and Asia
  • Build Bible schools to train pastors and plant new churches
  • Purchase more than a dozen girls out of the sex trade
  • Fund outreaches that led to over 1,000 healing miracles and more than 100,000 salvations
  • Start our area’s first Bite 2 Go program, assisting children with weekend meals at Vista Elementary for at least a three year commitment
  • Partner with 2nd Harvest for a monthly mobile food bank, here at the Garden. This year alone, over 82,000 pounds of food have been distributed to 2,390 families and next year, we want to triple that!

This is only a part of what we’ve been able to accomplish for Christ through One Day! Between now and the last weekend of October, pick one day and work it for the Kingdom. One Day of your life changes every day of theirs!


1. Checks: Payable to the Garden, with “One Day” on the memo line.
2. Cash: In an envelope with your info and “One Day” written on it.
3. PushPay: Select ONE DAY as the first reference option. (Text: garden to 77977 to download the app.)
4. Online: Click HERE and choose One Day as the giving type.

Again, “One Day” offerings may be given at any time so if you missed the actual weekend, you can still get in on blessing others!